Established in the early 1970s by stem-cell specialist Dr Michel Tordjman and his groundbreaking vision of turning back the cellular and biological clock on the aging process. The research has led to the discovery of therapies and medical treatments that could effectively target the aging process at the cellular level resulting in significant physical and aesthetic transformations. The patient’s vital organs are revitalized and the skin is rejuvenated and looking youthful at their best, the vitality of the entire system of body is regenerated. The keys to the fountain of youth have been translated into accessible therapies and treatments combining cell therapy expertise and dermatological aesthetic beauty. Filorga Laboratoires was formed to precisely express and deliver on those results.
As pioneers in this field, Laboratoires Filorga used the results of the research as a foundation to develop products that can treat aging process: anti-aging mesotherapy (poly revitalizing complex NCTF®), glycolic peels (with GlyKopeel®), and injectable dermal fillers (with X-HA3, first polyvalent cross-linked hyaluronic acid filler). For revitalization of specific organs or combinations therapy, nothing is more advanced that our Biological Raw Material (BRM®) product range.
Filorga is recognized by medical professionals worldwide as anti-aging experts. Laboratories Filorga received the ISO 13485 award in 2006, certifying excellence in the manufacturing of high-quality, medical grade products. Filorga was also an esteemed recipient of the OSEO ANVAR, France award of “Innovative Company” in 2006. Currently, Filorga’s treatments are approved and being used by dermatologists, plastic surgeons and aesthetic doctors in more than 40 countries and is ever expanding.

ARCOFILORGA, Medical Aesthetics in Asia
In April 2007, Arco Swiss International established in Singapore partnered with Laboratoires Filorga to distribute Filorga products in Thailand.
In November 2009, Arco Swiss International also in collaboration with bioDYNE Labs Inc. (USA) pioneers in Pharmaceutical Research & Development custom formulated a Plant Placenta in Cosmeceutical Form. The newly formulated plant placenta is researched, developed and manufactured in USA under strict applicable specifications of the United States Pharmacopoeia National Formulary, is known as ARCO PP Total Skin Rejuvenation.
Arco Total Skin Rejuvenation (Plant Placenta) or Arco PP TSR in short, is manufactured according to a proprietary process, using state of the art technology in a FDA (USA Food and Drug Administration) registered lab and manufacturing facility. The process is performed at controlled temperature and humidity with sophisticated ultra-filtration units to allow for the selection of specific molecules and to ensure their potency. The manufacturing steps are performed in accordance with USA Pharmaceutical Standards, ensuring a high quality and bioactive product.