Our manufacturing, control and storage activity purses a total quality system complying with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards for medical specialties apart from compliances with quality Food Safety Assurance H.A.C.C.P standards, ISO 9001 and other European regulations. The Quality System provides for the updating and application of regulation concerning different kinds of products. Our Laboratories guarantee accurate controls during the different phases of the manufacturing process and issue of analytical, chemical and microbiological certificates for finished products.

ARCOPHARMA the formulator and manufacturer of SWISSOATS A3 is a Swiss company founded in 1980. The Company's background however, dates back to 1954, when ARCOPHARMA's predecessor ARCO S.A., a reputable manufacturer of generic drugs, was founded in Lugano. In its early days, ARCOPHARMA created a scientific advisory board to guide the implementation of innovative research projects. Thereafter, the Company became increasingly involved in the research of natural substances which could help trigger the human body's own defense mechanism.

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