*All prices include shipping via fast and secure EMS (Express Mail Service).
*Your order will arrive 4-12 business days after payment is received. Shipments will leave our warehouse within 1-2 days (after confirmation of payment & excluding weekends).
*The duration of delivery may differ from country to country. Local customs processing can cause delays, which we cannot control.
*If your local customs charges you duty/tariff, you must bear such cost. However, we can accommodate requests for special labeling and invoices.
*For any reasons, if the package get stuck at the customs and due for duty/tariff (or other reasons ) for more than 10 days, if  you don’t want to pay for the duty/tariff you must reject the package. After we receive back the returned package we will either re-ship the package or process the refund to you as you may wish.
In countries that do not have EMS agreement services with our shipping countries, please keep in mind that it could take your packages well over 4 weeks to reach you! If this happens, this means your package was diverted from EMS (Express Mail Service) shipping into Registered Air Mail. Therefore, in situations like this we ask that the customer talk to their local postal or even customs offices to check up on the status of their packages. We also ask that you keep in mind that because of this type of situation (if you find yourself in it), that you realize it could take 5-8 weeks for it to reach you. Maybe even longer, in which case, again, please contact your local postal office or customs office as this is a mail carrier issue and NOT an Arco Filorga company issue. Thank you.
Return/Refund Policies and Product Guarantee
Before any refunds or re-shipments are ever issued, we MUST have the original shipped products returned to us first. There is absolutely no exception to this rule.
If the below takes place, we will re-deliver new products or refund your money. (The charge-back fee will be charged to the client.)
1. Products undelivered, 4 weeks after payment
2. Defective, broken, or incorrect products delivered
*If the customer provides an incorrect address, wrong information resulting in non-delivery, or is unavailable to pick up the items, the cost of re-delivery will be charged to the customer.
*The return is unacceptable if the product is used or open.
*You can return any purchased item within 30 days. (A full refund may not be possible, as products reach nearer expiration date. Refund pricing will be subject to our evaluation of the returned products. The return postage must be paid by the customer.)
*Please note that, in very rare cases, minor damage on packaging may occur, due to long-distance shipping.
*Postage for shipment of returns is the responsibility of the customer
*Please note that refunding will be process only on 15th and 30th/31st of every month
Refund channels 
*Bank transfer
*Credit back to your Paypal account (or ) credit card