Live Fetal Cell Transplantation

We provide individualized fetal precursor cell transplantation (or Live cell therapy) for the treatment of ailments, chronic and untreatable diseases such as Down syndrome, Diabetes mellitus, Auto immune, Autism, Infertility, Early menopause, Cancers, Parkinson, Anti Aging and etc.

Brief History Of Cell Transplantation
BCRO type of fetal precursor cell transplantation, has been used successfully for 80+ years as treatment of many diseases

  • For which modern medicine has had no therapy (i.e. incurable), or
  • In which 'state-of-art' therapies stopped being effective (i.e. no longer treatable), in documented over 5 millions of patients worldwide.

A great number of patients have gained especially in Germany and Switzerland from cell transplantation or live cell therapy. BCRO has improved the usual Germany/Switzerland tradition Cell Therapy by incorporating its proprietary method of primary tissue culture that produced No Immune Reactions and couple with good manufacturing practices (GMP) observing safety aspects by following health regulatory with strict clinical practices, BCRO revolutionized an improved method of Cell Transplantation. BCRO Fetal Precursor Cell Transplantation or in short FPCT is the only leading biomedical science in the rapidly emerging field of regenerative medicine.

Why choose BCRO Fetal Precursor Cell Transplantation?
Cell transplantation has been our business for more than 33 years now: we researched it, and developed it commercially from the ground. BCRO has brought this old traditional therapy up to the 'state-of-art' level, in particular by developing the preparation of cell xeno-transplants, with worldwide delivery.

BCRO is the only leader of the fetal precursor cell xeno-transplantation field, since

  1. by our unique technology of tissue culture we had overcome the problem of adverse immunological reactions toward cell transplantation, whereby our therapeutic use does not require immunosuppression,
  2. we lowered the risk of transfer of xeno-zoonoses (infections transferred from animals to humans) down to zero by fulfilling pertinent requirements of ”FDA PHS Guidelines on Infectious Disease in Xenotransplantation” of January 19, 2001 (Federal Register, Volume 66, Number 19, pages 8120 – 1).
  3. our preparation is in full compliance with all pertinent requirements of European Community Council Directive chapters 2001/83/EC.